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The L.I.F.E. Online Bootcamp provides a foundation for not just to early start-up entrepreneurs but for business owners who wants to grow. It’s a 5 Week online action based program designed to build your skills in leadership, management and entrepreneurship which are required in today’s dynamic environment to become a successful entrepreneur. It helps you become Investor Ready.
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Idea To Launch

  • Week 1: What is the problem you are solving? – Develop your vision and mission statement
  • Week 2: What is your value proposition? – Enhance what are you providing to your customers
  • Week 3: Who are your customers? - Know who are you selling
  • Week 4: What is your story ? - Develop a compelling elevator pitch
  • Week 5: How to attract your first 10 customers?

Develop Your Business Model Canvas

  • Week 1: What is a business model? - Develop your value proposition
  • Week 2: Understand your Customer Segment
  • Week 3: Know your Customer Relations and what channels to reach them
  • Week 4: How do you make money - Your Revenue Stream and Cost structure
  • Week 5: Who are your key partners and what are

5 Steps to Attract Customers

What is your social currency?

  • Week 1: Build Your Brand
  • Week 2:Select your Marketing Channel
  • Week 3: Raise your Online Presence
  • Week 4: Attract your Customers
  • Week 5: Nurture Your Network

5 Steps to Investor Ready Entrepreneur

  • Week 1: What things to focus and why? - Set goals & prioritize
  • Week 2:How do you communicate your elevator pitch?
  • Week 3: How do you develop client relationships?
  • Week 4: How to you delegate effectively & build successful teams?
  • Week 5: How do you negotiate?
Action based bootcamp to grow your business
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